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General Desc:
The difference between all other flashlights and our app is.
Innovative transparent screen combined with the brightest Camera LED
enhancing the visibility to the maximum extent possible.
Showing objects in your screen in the dark up and close.

This app is really helpful in various scenarios for example.
1) Enables you to see even the dark and narrow space like under the furniture.
2) Looking for Keys in hard to find places in the dark through your screen.
3) Read even small letters in the dark.
4) Especially a must have app for anyone doing mechanical work.
5) Innovative transparent screen the enhances the visibility of micro objects in the dark.

A word from the Team:
Thank you for downloading our app.
We are a team of 2 people and a Dog writing interesting and simple user
friendly apps that do the task they are supposed to.
You can purchase a ad free version.
which will greatly help us develop more interesting apps like this in the future.

Please Rate,Comment,If you have issues please email us we will
be more than happy to resolve the issue.

Please ensure your device has rear camera and a flash.

We Use Camera Permissions only to show Objects behind the phone.

Privacy Policy: